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2011-10-04 - 6:13 p.m.

There are some 6 new pieces in the Widget above. I went to Bham yesterday and arrived in the office at 8.30am which means I was up very early. I discovered I could get from the airport to the office on my free bus pass. When I got back the Miles 1967 bootlegs had arrived. I have been mostly listening to the first of the 3 CDs which includes a very late version of OGDS, Each of the 3 CDs starts with Agitation from ESP and so I got out that CD to see where they were coming from. I listened to the next track which is Iris and looked up the changes in the Oxf guide. They fascinated me and so I sketched out a piece using those harmonies with strings and e-piano which I mailed to Gilbert. He says that Wayne Shorter uses the I Ching to assemble his pieces and I can believe this could be true. I am wondering if there is any way Iris could be done as a gtr solo. The music on the bootlegs is fantastic - I was reading the Oxf Guide to the 2nd great 5tet on the coach yesterday. This stuff could be an endless inspiration. I wrote today some more about renewable energy. Someone has suggested Joe Simon and so I am going through the Grooveshark list. I listened to Nicola Hitchcock on Musicstation - she is pretty good even though she is very stylised. We have a new Fr fan who makes very outside music.

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