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2011-08-29 - 10:31 a.m.

standalone player

Gilbert sent me 3 tracks yesterday. I downloaded Kristal and mixed them. Kristal only worls with wavs but I quite like the reverb and chorus - not so sure about the compressor which I haven t mastered. The compressor on Cubase is my favourite just now. The 3 new pieces are loaded into the Widget. It took most of the afternoon and evening to get this done - more processes and some remixing.

Yesterday morning I started working on the Parker Omnibook - mainly on gtr - I should really do this stuff on Dhorn. Dr Z has posted a pic of pussy z in her new home watching TV. I had the first inkling of how I might use the Dante sonnet. The Jango stream for John Myn has just pulled up B Jansch's Veronica - how much do I like these early instrumentals.

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