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2011-08-30 - 6:33 p.m.

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I was listening to the Sundays' stream on Jango.com and up came a live version of Stoned SoulPicnic by L Nyro - what a delight. I wonder what the connection is that Jango sees in these two artists other than that I am nuts about them both? It s off Eli and the 13th Confession which I don t have. Then it was Alsion Krauss with that Blind Faith tune. I have ordered some Sennheiser headphones because the ones I have recently bought cheaply from Currys have broken. The Senns weren't that expensive and I have some others to keep me going. I booked my laptop in to have a new hard disc fitted.

I have been talking to Molly in Mexico City - a place I always thought was rather dangerous. I have started on the Parker Onmibook on the Dhorn with the tune Confirmation. It s quite difficult but I think it will do me good. I plugged the Dhorn into the Roland and it sounded quite respectable. I recorded the Crafter yesterday with the Zoom and sent an mp3 to Gilbert. I am still working up the basic idea. Jonathan mailed from Thailand. I need a shave but it didnt stop me from slipping up to the PS for more cans.

Have I mentioned that I have orded the music for Britten's Ovid oboe solos and Stravinsky's 3 pieces for clarinet in the hope I can get somewhere with them.

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