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2011-08-27 - 4:06 p.m.

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I have been down to Sussex to see Sue and stay overnight. I tried her upscale Spanish gtr and thought how much easier the electroacoustic is. We found some Dante text to work on - an early sonnet. Mike came over for supper yesterday - we looked at some complex chords for Lady Bird - well maybe it was a predecessor of Lady Bird which itself is a predecessor. Paul W says he is working on music and poetry with James McG. Sue and I went to see the site of the new house - very attractive. We listened to some late 70s Jan Gabarek and Keith Jarrett - you could hear the mannerisms. We talked about poker players. Today we looked at the highlights from Bach's St Matthews Passion.

On the way back I bought Jazz Journal at Vic Stn. Very good interview with Alan Skidmore who explains that he played the tenor solo on Have You Heard and that this inspired M Brecker to take up the tenor sax. He also talks about the day he bought Giant Steps. There was also an obit of Eric Delaney and lots of record reviews plus something on Dobell's record shop - I went for an interview for a job there once.

Yesterday we went to an art exhibition in an attractive modern house in a nearby village - the people were more interesting to look at than the art.

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