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2011-08-25 - 8:51 a.m.

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I went to the Jazz Market in Camden last night - this was the line-up:

A group of young talents led by Sena Quartet's guitarist, Jamie Leeming. These young musicians have accumulated a wide repertoire ranging from classic standards to contemporary jazz tunes.

You've seen them perform as a duo, but this pair are back with a full band. Using frantic guitar skills and musicianship, they have unique arrangements of jazz standards that will get anyone excited.

The flagship band for The Jazz Market last year, this is an incredibly skilled trio who impress all. Insanely intricate guitar, 6 string bass heavy funk and tight rhythms form an unstoppable sound that needs to be heard.

Smooth jazz cat who'll be sing us some jazz standards and classics with a deep and soothing tone to his voice.

JW brought a lot of fans - the club was fuller than I had ever seen it. He performed with just an electric piano singing standards and originals in a jazz-pop tenor. The rest of the bands were gtr trios. I had seen Elephant Gun before - they are pretty good at what they do. The IMSH band were more expeirmenta; while Jamie Leeming had a string bass and a jazz rather than rock drummer. He had a great deal of fluency within the standard jazz repertoire.

The jam session was with the Jamie Leeming Trio plus the lead gtr from Elephant Gun. Unlike the previous jam I had been part of this one was all about standards and changes. I had been meaning to pracice these on the Dhorn and was rather regretting that I hadn t. There was another alto player. He called Stella by Starlight and Insensitive which I know well. There was a tune I didnt know but the bass player had the changes on his I-phone and I felt quite happy about that. For reasons I am not clear about I found standard changes very hard work - rhythm changes and the blues. I have got my Parker Omnibook out - I think that needs some hard work. The two guitarists were pretty hot in the jam.

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