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2011-08-23 - 5:03 p.m.

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I have been playing Foggy Day as a solo for a long time which means several decades. I had always made a feature of the turnaround - doubling its length. This time I am taking a simple 4 chord turnaround much further - in the first instance taking it into Coltrane Changes which is a 6 chord sequence. But the change from chord4 to chord5 has been be substituted a tritone. This means that chord5 is Dmaj7 rather than Abmaj7 - but chord4 is Eb7 9 13 - so I am hardly disrupting the harmonic logic. So from chord5 I am going through the Coltrane Changes starting with a Dmaj7. But the goal is to make the turnaround real and somehow get to a B7. The route I have chosen is from the Db 7 9 13 - which can be seen as the dominant of the dominant of the dominant - so the Db7 can lead to a F#m7 and then a B7. I am toying with the idea of another tritone substition using G7 9 13 for the Db - well actually for open string reasons - I am letting the G 7 etc become a Dm6 9. I like to think I got that last idea from Herbie Hancock. Listening to Lamb 5 which is really pretty good - they are posting pix of their tour on FB. I have sent Gilbert Duo 8.

I have got into a debate about Quantum Mechanics on Linkedin. This is hubris indeed because I know I don t know that much about it.

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