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2011-08-07 - 2:37 p.m.

standalone player

The pentatonic piece is finished and gone to Gilbert. Today I took some ideas that have emerged from the gtr version of MFV and dressed them up into a drum n bass piece - over 4 minutes long. I have just mailed this to Gilbert. I mailed the old skool chums about MB and got a couple of replies. I also included the vid of Bruges and a link to here. I am wondering what the U2 will sound like plugged into the PA at Great Miss a week today. I think I am getting some perspective on MfV as it approaches performance standard. I watched Mahler 2 last night at the Proms but I can t say I taken by it much.

I have just tapped into Jango-ETBG and up has come a 6 min remix of a Feist song. I have ordered the Frou Frou album which is much cheaper than the IH solo albums which I dont have. Bonnie Meadow mailed from NYC - I told her piano playing remind me of LNY.

I watched the Amy Winehouse stuff on BBC2 - I thought the first performance on Later where she was playing a blue strat into a Fender combo was stunning. I have difficulty with where she takes her approach to ornamentation as she gets succesful. Paul Weller didnt look that good to me.

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