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2011-08-09 - 5:47 p.m.

Still waiting to get to 5000 plays on RN - about 20 odd short at the moment. No riots have broken out at this end of the Picadilly Line. Still working on the 3 gtr pieces - haven t done any pieces since the drum n bass one. Email from Clive in France. I have done a first draft of the article. The Frou Frow hasnt arrived yet. Couldn't stick Empire Records last night. I watched the Lives of Others on Sunday night which seemed to be as brilliant as all the reviewers said - I had seen it before in the cinema. Whoever picks the tunes on Jango has been working through Temperamental on the EBTG stream - what a fantastic album. Artfully a track from TT's Love and Its Opposite was placed after one of the tracks. I have been asked to edit the firm's Twitter stream while Andy is on holiday. Jango-EBTG also played Central Reservation which is clever as I think Ben Watt is on that album.

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