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2011-06-16 - 9:02 p.m.

Press kits

I had a haircut today. I have been practicising a gtr version of Nefertitti - it is a matter of simplifying the offered harmonies to some which fall under the fingers. The original 5tet were quite capable of doing drastic things to the starting harmonies - changing their nature and altering their duration. Nf is made up of three versions of the characteristic phrase and the starting chord can be reduced to a 4 note version. I would like this to become a performable offering - this would mean finding some analog to the anomalous improv content of the original. I have realised that the new Akai USB EWI is available for 300. Andrew K has asked about a 3min ambient track.

The Cathy B vocal has been attracting lots of plays on RN - do try it if you haven't heard it yet.

Yesterday I met up with Rob at the Bank. We walked down Wallbrook and found a pub under Canon St. Then we went back to St Stephens to hear an 80s drone piece on the ARP by E Radigue lasting about 60 mins. It is a fantastic venue - a beautiful symmetric Wren church echoing the small Brunelleschi chapels in Florence. The piece was easy to get absorbed into and was mostly drones and harmonics - more like Lamont Young than Phil Niblock - in fact I read somewhere that she has produced material for the Dream House.

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