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2011-06-18 - 11:58 a.m.

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A strings mix of Frag1 with Cathy B is the third item down on the widget above - give it a try. I tried a single guitar accompaniment yesterday - which worked but I need to do another to really get the mix right - maybe I should try the electroacoustic spanish? The volumes have really responded to the appearance of the vocal tracks. I haven t been out for a couple of days but I have booked a table for two at the Q club for tonight. I have just started work on a texture in E minor for Andrew K. Still playing around with Neferttiti as a solo gtr piece - I want to do ESP as well. A lot of tasks have appeared from the works mainly to do with market size. I had a lucky hit with an estimate of the size of the US market for lean six sigma.

I haven t made a new piece for over a week and I haven t heard the Imogen Heap CD all the way through. There is a problem with my Freedom Pass - it has stopped being recognised by the sensors on buses and at stations. This could prove awkward eg for late night travel.

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