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2011-06-15 - 9:55 a.m.

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This is my busy week. Yesterday I caught a bus to Heathrow and then the coach to Oxford. There was just time to drop into Blackwell's music where waiting for me was a detailed study on the 2nd great MD 5tet recorded output - only 12. It was a long walk up the Banbury Rd past the back of St Anne's and St Anthony's but I got there in reasonable time ie in time for a cup of tea. Phil Brown from Cardiff gave a cracking presentation on his globalisation studies. I used to see him quite often in Cardiff with Steve P but of course havent been there in four years or so. I asked a question about digital taylorism and high value added services which seemed to go down quite well.

There were drinks after the discussion and then a rather good supper. I sat near Phil and managed to catch up. I also had a good discussion with the person sitting next to me about the skills implications of NHS reforms. I finally walked back to the coach station having missed the 10.00pm I had to wait for 2 hrs. I spent the first with my head stiuck in the MD 5tet and knocked off the first 60 pages. I got to Heathrow just after 1am but didnt have to wait long for a 111 bus - they run a night service at 2 an hour.

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