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2011-06-07 - 9:35 p.m.

I had a meeting at the Paddington Hilton at 5pm for which I arrived early . The meeting went OK and I was able to throw some light thanks to the work on Europe 2020. When I got back Gilbert had written about Tune BBB which sounded OK thank goodness. I decided on my Grooveshark playlist of J Browne eg the David Lindley viola on For A Dancer and the piano solo version of Somebody's Baby. I had been through most of the Sundays this morning and the idea is gradually forming to write a piece about those lyrics - because they are so subtle both in themselves and in their musical context. I picked up a FT in the Hilton and found an article which I mailed to Laurence - not in total of course but the headline. Also the violin playing on the song which starts - You take Sally I ll take Sue - Cant see much difference between the two. There was a message from someone I had mailed on LastFM about the Widget here. There was a message from the video artist in Durham NC about the kit list I jad sent in terms of what we put on RN. Maybe I should buy the Naked Ride Home - it s less than 3.70. He rescued truth from beauty and truth from belief - I wish I had written that.

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