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2011-06-06 - 10:15 p.m.

Land Gigs

It s the last episode of the BBC2 programme about animals and computers - I will certainly miss it next week. On Saturday morning I took the train to Cambridge from Kings Cross - a station I found very confusing as it is being totally refurbished. The train filled up with teens and twenties at Letchworth and Royston - all going to a festival on one of the commons in Cambridge. I had phoned my host from Letchworth and he came to pick me up at the station but there was so much youth milling around outside the station that I had trouble finding him. We had lunch in the garden and then went for a stroll by the river where lots of eights were out practising for a forthcoming competition. I got quite sunburnt. Luckily I caught the fast train back to London in the evening and used the Picadilly Line to go straight through to my local station.

I have been writing a song to record next Saturday morning - I had one already completed but it became unavailable when the Sony software broke. I am two thirds of the way through. I have moved a piece to the second place in the widget above - it s called Viola Envelope Two. I also sent a mix to Gilbert today - Plug Viola One which has quite a mechanistic feel to it. Gilbert mailed back to say he thought the sound quality is OK. I went on to do another mix - partly in Cubase and partly in Acid Express 7 and then Soundforge - this called Tune BBB. Both Cubase and Soundforge issue 32 bit mp3s whereas Acid Express 7 does 16 bit mp3s. I still haven't worked out if this is significant or not. I have gradually discovered some of Cubase's capability. There are a enormous range of presets in the effects. The speed one can develop ideas in Acid Express is hard to resist.

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