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2011-06-09 - 4:11 p.m.

Land Gigs

Today I was coaxed by Amazon into ordering the latest Imogen Heap album - they tell me the Naked Ride Home is on its way. I listened quite a way through the Tunepak above - down into the 30s and found several tunes that I thought deserved promotion or development. Narelle sent me some mind / process maps and I mailed back about some of the software that handles this stuff. I found an old colleague on Linkedin. There was a lot of comment on UK vehicle manufacturing thanks to announcements of new investments by Nissan and BMW. I went into my B Dylan list on Grooveshark. Like many of my lists it includes Static and Silence - but after a while I got onto Jokerman which I believe was produced by M Knopfler. The lead gtr fills are much closer than the lead vocal. Gilbert mailed to say he'd heard a Sarod trio and that he thought 'Craft' was Ok I could easily do more with that track but probably best to let it stay as it is for a while.

I am getting drawn into the Linkedin discussion on cause and effect. There is the issue of whether existence is relative in any major sense - some in the group seem to think it is. I went back to the Leibniz/Clarke debate. I think maybe I wrote an essay on this. I came in from the wilderness, a creature void of form. I have been playing around with some of the effects in Cubase - there's one which gives valve colouration. I tried it on a Hammond patch. I have started getting tweets from the EC Commission. I have finished the setting of Sappho fragments and mailed the line off to Cathy B taking two copies in case it doesnt get there in time. I have been thinking around the chord sequence that underpins the setting.

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