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2011-05-03 - 4:19 p.m.

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The five new pieces plus some mailing and posting managed to stabilise the Band Equity score on RN - for one day at least but for how much longer? I need to reconcile myself to the idea that we cant stay in the top 40 for ever. Scanners are a bit lower than us - and I thought their stuff was excellent and very hooky.

Congratulations to Andrew K on having published some of his diaries in literary form. I sent the link to Dick Jones who is a serious blogger too - turning to his blog I saw he had written about the difficulties in admitting to be a poet. I sent him a link to Andrew Duncan's book on British poetry which I still admire. I sent Miranda a note about the Canadian election - she replied saying the outcome was disastrous. I had a brief chat with Nahomey in Bogota who is translating at a medical conference.

I have done a couple of trio pieces - piano bass and drums - with today's I tried writing around a completely made-up scale. I went for something built round a whole-tone scale with an extra note added. It doesnt really matter where you put the extra note except that this is the note which becomes the tonic. Anyway it was easy enough to dream up a piece on this basis and send it to Gilbert. A couple of people kindly signed up to the mailing list. At the moment I seem to be on a 25% opening rate with the RN e-mails which I try to send out at the most every week - ideally less frequently.

The Grooveshark served up the Sundays as usual and then some Jackson Browne. I forgotten to mention the film the other night on C4 about the bank heist in the 70s - rather good fun.

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