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2011-05-02 - 12:43 p.m.

Fourth Time Around is one that I had forgotten about from the mid 60s peak. Well it sounds good in the acoustic version that s on just now. I never asked for your crutch now don t ask for mine.

Gilbert and I have reached a total of 70 pieces on the widget above. The first five in the library are all brand new. They reflect some of the new capabilities the new software has brought to us. Just now they sound good to us. I hope they can help turn around our band equity - I can t see why not especially as the widget score keeps increasing.

That film about Vienna sticks in the mind. It s a very positive but unsentimental romance. When I was in Vienna I wasn t at all in that state of mind. I was stuck in a horrible 60s hotel out on the Danube canal next to a housing estate at the end of a tram line. The line went past the famous amusement ground which was quite seedy. The Viennese Actionists weren t at all appealing and I couldn't find many of the famous early 20C artists. In the film the first kiss happens on the big wheel.

I think I might be going into a drum n bass phase.

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