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2011-05-04 - 10:16 p.m.

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Another four tunes went into the library today - MmmF, Chime-synth, Mini and Foxxy2 - which brings the total in the library to 74. They'd probably take 4 hours to listen to end to end. The new tracks are all near the start.I think we are using a broader range of sound with the capabilities that the new software has brought. Ben Donelly who is the mastermind behind Platonic Curry has visited our site and left a thumbs up.

Bette has mailed me the ticket and the instructions for attending the count in Aylesbury on Friday and I have worked out which station I need to get to in London to get there. I did some more work on Europe 2020 this afternoon.

There was an invitation to a launch at the Flat Time House in Peckham today - it happens on Saturday week about tea time. I think of the FTH as the London home of conceptual art - and for that reason I might go along.

Narelle mailed about a friend of hers who is going to be interviewed for a NHS nursing job - she is going to be asked something about targets and would I provide some background? No worries.

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