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2011-04-27 - 3:35 p.m.

Band press kits

A couple of pieces to Gilbert yesterday, one abstract, one quasi-normal - there are a lot of abstract pieces awaiting development. Today I sketched an ambient piece, made some adjustments and sent it across to Gilbert as well. R Chapman's CD Lost Places arrived - very attractive music - not in your face but full of intriguing twists and invention. The notes to the music are on his website. I wrote a thank-you note.

Yesterday I visted a US site that had some free loops - I downloaded three and used one for an old piece called Hamh now which I also send across to Gilbert. I thought the beats from this site - most of which were on sale - were better than the ones from Planet Acid which are free. Having seen a copy of Acid Pro in PC World and then an even cheaper one on Amazon I am wondering whether I would benefit from the full functionality. There was a debate on FB about songs referring to food - someone left a cake out in the rain.

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