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2011-04-26 - 1:25 p.m.

Play Gigs

It is a real battle with that London Alternative Chart where we cling onto 49th despite getting the band equity parameters to shift in the right direction. Currently Gilbert and I like the three new songs which are at the start of the playlist above. Gilbert mailed me some recordings of him and Christine P which sound great. Last night I watched the George Martin programme and also Hard Days Night. I had read that HDN invented a new cinema grammar for pop films and so that was mostly on my mind - also the screenplay by Alun Owen. I also wondered about the art direction - the Art Director went on to do Darling which turned Julie Christie into a star. Of course there are still some pieces on the go - one using a track of Gilbert's that we didnt use yesterday - another with a chord sequence that flows out of the ALT chord thinking.

Today I got GS to load up all the Jackson Browne tracks. Some were new to me like an acoustic gtr version of These Days - others I had heard but hadn't tracked down like the piano version of Somebody's Baby. I hadn't heard the solo version of For A Dancer which is said to be about Miss M. She replied later with a pretty terse comment of JB and the wife who killed herself.

I thought more about Richard's chord and realised that it came out of Mark P's scale.

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