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2011-04-29 - 11:50 a.m.

standalone player

I downloaded Soundforge from the Sony site as a trial. Later looking on Amazon I see it is half price there. Sf has the same general capabilities as Wavelab - I can use it to master mp3s which have been rendered from Sony Music Studio. There are a few extra FX in there which I didnt have in SMS. I added some overall chorus to a piece called Mmm which I have sent to Gilbert and which he seems to like. I also added some compression to a rhythmic piece called Beet which uses some of the loops I downloaded on Wednesday.

Yesterday evening I went to Cafe Oto arriving half an hour too early - so I had a beer in the theatre bar next door. I was able to get a seat at the front but it was a long wait before the music started. Fred Frith was playing a Gibson 335 into a grey face Fender combo. The 335 looked as it had an extra pickup and the end of the fingerboard. Fred controlled two foot-pedals with his bare feet and there were maybe a dozen other pedals avai;able to him. He played a lot of the time with 335 laid across his knees. He placed all kinds of things on the strings - he liked flat bottomed metal tins and sometimes he would dangle chains into them.

After the solo piece he played a duo with a drummer. After the interval he played a trio with John Butcher on saxes and a cellist who I didnt know - she was playing her cello into a HH combo. I thought JB was particularly good. Finally the 4tet played. The large audience was very enthusiastic in its response. I saw Tim H from Henry Cow in the audience but I didnt say hello.

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