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2011-03-25 - 9:02 p.m.

The 2 new pieces ended up in the library - they are in this tunepak


They are Gabble (fast), Manyone and Manytwo - which are 2 halves of the same piece.

Although I did some promotional mailing yesterday I didnt get any discernible results in the charts - so I gave it another push today. I think this all means that at this level in the charts it s quite hard work making headway against the other bands.I have been meeting various people as a result - The Sugar Bear Trio and a video artist from Durham NC for example - also a South American astrologer.

I have also found some other bands - the Gravestone Kickers who do a rather strange kind of triphop - but they also manage to play a variety of instruments pretty well - I like the violin solos.

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