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2011-03-26 - 2:56 p.m.

I mailed someone yesterday on LFM with a tunepak who had a twitter tag. I went into twitter and found that the stream was pretty close to my professional interests - so I decided to follow. I was surprised today to find that they had selected to follow me too. I only use twitter for finding material or testing material to go on the firm's stream. I try to keep the professional and the musical in different boxes. Linkedin is professional and LastFM isnt. Anyway I listened to the twitterer's radio on LFM and was surpised how much I liked it despite it being quite smooth

My strategy for boosting RN isn't particularly working - despite generating over 80 plays yesterday. That wasn t enough to raise our Band Equity. Today I am trying again - it seems to be generating visits to our RN page but not plays. I certainly have a lot more to learn about SNS and promotion.

I have been going back to January and dusting down pieces. I have probably sent too many to Gilbert already today - which is five. I asked the Sugar Bear what kind of gtr amp he used - he said it was an old Line6 Spider.

I rearranged the tunes in the library to give more variety at the beginning. Try the new sequence with this:


I have also been trying Dencol's radio - I met him through mailing a tunepak too. He likes 70s and 80s soul and I think he was involved in these scenes as a saxplayer. Nowadays he has very smart looking studio in the NE USA. By the way the Sugar Bear mailed to say he dug the tunepak - so I can't really complain.

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