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2011-03-24 - 7:04 p.m.

There s a lot of discussion on Linkedin about creativity in the workplace with a lot of very well informed contributions. I am only able to offer the odd thought here and there - a bit about improvisation and a few old theories about creativity in teams.

I have been working away on pieces of various kinds. There is a piece which started off round a free loop I downloaded from Soundcloud. Gilbert has come up with a very long piano part for it. I sent him a mix today which is speeded up quite a lot and where I have tried a fade out - I am a bit dubious about the fade. But I have made a second piece out of the piano part which is of course way over the 8MB limit. I wonder whether this can be faded out and in the middle like the way Green Dolphim St fits onto an EP. I think another of the current pieces is going into cold storage but there is yet another that I am letting mature. It is quite a reckless piece.

I have been listening to a lot of EBTG videos of them performing live. Ben Watt is a very handy guitarist. On FB I am linked to someone who taught him ages ago.

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