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2011-02-22 - 11:19 p.m.

The London Alternative Charts delivered another surprise when we went up to 66, overtaking Nicola Hitchcock. Band Equity which is what drives the positions went up to 375. On the National Alternative Charts we progressed to 221. Gilbert is busy preparing for the Meander Ensemble recording and filming session on Thursday. Last night I watched the Scorcese film of the Rolling Stones playing live. I thought Keith Richards used an excess of guitars - at least two Gisbson semi-acoustics and at least two Telecasters. Ronnie Wood stuck to his Strat except when he played a pedal steel - rather well I thought. Derek was very disparaging of the performance especially Mick's constant movement while he was trying to sing.

I tried recording a couple of guitar parts yesterday - to be played over an uptempo rhythm and a pulsing bass. It needs some more work. I took the chord sequence and set it for 6 part choir - this was more successful initially. There is plenty of time to see whether either of these ideas is going to develop into something. I have been listening to the noughties recordings that Steely Dan made.

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