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2011-02-23 - 11:44 p.m.

I watched the Woody Allen film Matchpoint for the third time. The second time I didn t like it as much as the first. I have read that Woody Allen thinks it may be his best film. It seemed better with that knowledge.The casting is pretty good not least Scarlet J as a femme fatale.

I went to a meeting with Ken and John in a hotel in Victoria very near many of the offices that I worked in for DTI. The meeting went well and a project over the next year emerged.

I have found a new alternative chart on Reverbnation - the global hot chart. I am astonished to see that we are at 71 on that chart. There are only a few UK alternative artists that are hotter. Lots of the artists higher up the charts are from the US. I imagine it is quite difficult to stay hot.

I think the two pieces I have been developing may be ready to go to Gilbert on Friday. I don t know whether additional pieces is enough to keep things hot. We already have more pieces than most artists.

This is a Tunepak


I have tidied up the first two pieces in the Rn library, Somehow I had left a lot of quiet space on the end of both. Having been at the front of the library and played first getting the most plays they are now at the back of the library and will be played last.

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