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2011-02-21 - 12:19 p.m.

Passed by V Daou is a great track - really sets the scene. We have risen to 72 in the London Alternative Chart at Rn which is only 8 behind Nicola Hitchcock - a great honour. She has 1310 plays while we have 627 in about two weeks. There was a message from MI this morning - very welcome. I have sent Gilbert ON3 which he thinks is rather amusing. This morning I also sent a tune called Bear based around a recent electric gtr part. I wonder if it s finished but the file was starting to lock so I thought it was best to move it on.

We are getting a steady flow of fans from Rn who include some interesting musicians. For example there is a songwriter who is at 15 in the NYC local jazz chart which has Mike Stern and Bebel Gilberto further up. We have 26 tunes on Rn currently. I have signed up for a co-design workshop which unfortunately clashes with an energy sector supply chain conference in Newcastle. Dr Z is still mailing a lot about the Arab Spring. On Saturday I watched Monster which was not uplifting however good the acting.

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