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2011-02-12 - 3:13 p.m.

Some new tunes have gone up on Rn. They are in this Tunepak


The number of plays has moved ahead nicely,

Caterina has written from DC about ANT and John S about doing some stuff with Oxford. Some new armchairs have arrived. I watched Alpha Male last night - it wasnt too good.

We have started to work with Progrock Dan from Indiana. In fact he is in Carmel which I only know as a smart seaside village in CA. I have yet to find out much about this except they are expecting some of the snow to thaw. I started work on one song and have passed this to Gilbert and he did the same with other . There is the small matter of words and tune. Maybe we are going to reach 125 on the RLAC today.

I listened to Wild Things Run Fast which was Miss M's first record on Geffen in 1982 partly inspired by the Police and S Dan. There is a rockier sound due to the gtr chords - thanks to Michael Landau. It s not as old-fashioned as her 80s reputation might suggest. Some of the tracks ended up redone on Travelogue and some are standards now.

Gilbert has a well developed page on Myspace:


I am currently struggling with mine which is not in a fit state to show. Frank is bringing me up to date on technology strategy. The live version of Pretzel Logic groves well and the lead guitar is on. I worked myself up towards plugging the U2 in again. I mixed Dan2 and mailed it to PRDan and Gilbert.

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