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2011-02-13 - 1:37 p.m.

I went to hear Charlie Akexander at the Q-club in Battersea - playing with Dave Gelly on tenor and Dave Moses on bass. The last time I heard DG he was playing freebop on bass clarinet and I was 19. Now he plays swing, DM sang Gee aint I good to you Baby while playing the bass and a very impressive two choruses of scat completely solo - the audience loved this. Charlie teaches jazz gtr in Richmond and there is a jazz vocalist class too. Two of the pupils sang with the trio - pretty well. The audience always like to relate to music via singers. DG is the jazz critic for the Observer and has written a book on Lester Young - he played some great choruses over rhythm changes which reflected this study. The band hadnt reheased but sounded very together. I sat with Charles' wife, Leslie, close to the bandstand - I could hear more top from Charles' Gibson 335 that way. Home to Polanski's Repulsion- music by Chico Hamilton. South Kensington was never so swinging.

Earlier I had managed to get the U2 plugged into the Behringer on a blues setting with compression which worked surprisingly well. I have posted the result on Rn as 'Smallest' - also VSTI from before Christmas which takes the total tunes up to 20, I am still working out how you use Rn to promote specific tracks. At the moment the number of plays a track gets depends on where it is in the list - the first few tracks get most plays. I have moved the first track to the bottom of the list. I have just started playing with playlists.

I also want to take further Smallest. Linda C mailed from Manchester.

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