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2011-02-11 - 10:40 p.m.

The bear picked Dorris H doing Come Up Horsey with J Renbourn. Is this fine or what? Did Tintagel represent a step down for her when we subsequently backed DH? He followed with This Old Heart of Mine. We have one widget hit on Rn - how did I get that to happen? If I knew I might get more. Dr Z mailed about strikes in Egypt. Someone posted on Freedom and Meaning reminding me I liked my theory. Unless we judge another to be acting freely we don't accept that they mean what they say. This is Habermas-lite I think but also in line with some UK language philosophers - maybe Geach? The bear also played Betty Davis' Anti Love Song.

I put Rob's comments on the Tunepak into a doc on Facebook. I need to edit my GS library to take out the duplicates. I read some of Witkin on Adorno on Berg - again. Progrock Dan wrote asking about collaboration - he is no 1 in the Indiana Alternative Charts apparently. Some of his stuff on Youtube. The Platonic Curry gig went well. Gilbert and I have been invited to collaborate with Progrock Dan in Illinois who rides his in the IL Alternative Charts - this will be an adventure. I talked to Mark P about scales. I let the bear off the leash on Mix radio and he chose a great Innerzone Orchestra track. Cathy B mailed about Reverbnation. Dr Z mailed a lot about Egypt. Clive R mailed about my 2007-10 episode.

Gilbert and I have started to work on 2 songs from Progrock Dan in Illinois. We also completed a piece - Small - which we posted on Facebook. AK and Christine said they liked it. Cathy Bell mailed about putting some recordings on Reverbnation. Penny said he gig in Camden went well. I found 3 older pieces to go onto Rn. Dr Z was very excited about Egypt.

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