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2011-02-10 - 10:39 a.m.

Lots of horrid messages from the HD so I quickly sent off Tuesday's piece to Gilbert for safety. Maybe the percussion needs more work but this should be possible later. For comfort I immersed myself in the Sundays on GS - it s nostalgia for something I missed the first time round. Wow has she got got a great voice - almost up there with TT. If I was relying on the bear not the shark I d have to buy these CDs.

We have progressed on the alternative chart to 211 with a lot out emails of the Tunepak yesterday. Our Band Equity is at 108 - visits and plays have stepped up a bit which you would expect from the mailing. I can't master the widgets altho they look potentially very good. Lots of LI activity. Talked to the lead singer of Platonic Curry who played a club in Camden on Wednesday night . Also talked about a Fr sculptress


The piece morphed again - this time using Dhorn and a long delay repeat -I mailed the result to Gilbert. Gilbert bought a Digitec delay line and has got his Zoom H4 back. He has gig coming up in the Netherlands. I have taken the Rn bio across to Last FM. Rob mailed some great Feedback on the GI-IC approach. I warched the 1996 Diabolique with Sharon Stone - the changed ending is not good - lots of lesbian fun though.

The bear played Three Hours - it seems to get better and better. In fact all that first side of FLL does - one of the most perfect sets of 5 songs ever.

He also played Round 5 off the Dhorn album - the first thing I did in SMS. Geoff Castle (ex Nucleus) mailed about the Tunepak. I went down to the Chelsea drugatore to get my prescription made.

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