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2011-02-09 - 9:30 a.m.

I want to reorder the music in the pak but I can't get the tool to work. I am also having trouble with the widgets which look as if they could be very impressive. I guess software is always rather like this. There is still one more piece in development which is based heavily on a Hhancock line - called Waker (no n). On the Rn London Alternative Chart we went up one step to 227 but went further on the other charts but to a lower position esp on the global chart. Dick Jones mailed about linking on FB.

I listened to John Martyn's Dont Think Twice off the first album. Paul W thinks it is lightweight but it is very sweet and youthful to me. Also the Live at Sine version of Love You Should Have Come Over which makes a good case for getting the double CD - then Nico doing These Days. The later Lou Rhodes music sounded good to me also the Sundays. I mailed out that Tunepak to some contacts from Linkedin. Gilbert went looking for a good place to record Meander on 24 Feb.

I spent some rime working with the part I made for the duet yesterday - changing it to acid bass and putting some sine wave and percussion against it. The tooth started up again. So I asked the bear to put om some soothing stuff and he obliged. I looked at the transcription of HH on MFV - it s not perfecr timewise. Bear played the J Browne song about the bear, the rouge and noir. Bring your own redemption. Dr Z mailed a lot about Egypt even though he s in Poland. Laurence mailed having tested the Tunepak. Clive mailed from France.

My new laptop is playing up - it s an HP.

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