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2011-01-07 - 10:09 a.m.

I collected the HP PC from the shop. It was a bit of a struggle connecting to the WiFi but the man in India was very good and it was sorted quite quickly considering. I downloaded the ARP and the Minimoog and found that I could do the sequencing and sound on sound build up of WAVs that I had lost a few weeks back on the other machine. This consumes space but at the moment I have that luxury. I loaded SMS - knowing that I had to use the long code that is visible on the old machine. I loaded the new Minimoog track into SMS and thought how nice it would be to add some more Minimoog - but I couldnt get the SMS to pick up the VSTI file. After a long while I gave up, got GS to work and loaded Portia which I think is from Amandla - it sounded very beautiful indeed and suitably calming. Then Mood off ESP which is also brilliant . At leasr the external sound card works well. On FB I spotted a girl I used to know when I was 17 - I sent a message but she hasn't replied yet.

I developed the piece based on the MM Wav - I added some marimba and some percussion. I raised the Wav by an octave and lowered the percussion by the same amount to provide a sense of heightening tension. Having given it a night's rest I decided to send it to Gilbert - but had to open a new e-mail account to load it into a message. IT is never easy,

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