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2011-01-06 - 11:08 a.m.

Yesterday I went to see Warhorse at the New London Theatre just down the road from the White Hart where we played so much bebop. WH has a whole string of awards and 5 star reviews - the film rights have been bought by S Spielberg. It is that good as far as I can see except I thought the narrative line in the 2nd half was a bit too twisted. It s opening in New York in a couple of months. The puppets come from Cape Town. Ate in the Criterion which is very striking.

I tried to use the old laptop and indeed this was almost impossible esp with the power dropouts. I am wondering how much existing material I will be able to extract. I wonder when I reload SMS if the missing FX will reappear. I also wonder if I can remember how to link VSTI synths into SMS. This fragility of material on laptops is a reason for keeping a lot of stuff in the Cloud - and also for frequent exchanges with a collaborator.

Listening to Gil Evans and Nicola Hitchcock on GS. On the tube I read Dr Z on Bruno Latour and ANT theory which was illuminating in both directions. Dr Z has a para on the Edinburgh School where I dallied briefly.

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