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2011-01-08 - 1:51 a.m.

I thought I had found a way of recapping old playlists on GS - and then I lost it again. Miles, Miss M, Steely Dan went down very well nonetheless. It has to be said that LastFM has the advantage of introducing you to new material - I havent worked out a way to access the predictive part of GS which apparently does exist.

Having AK as a friend on FB means that in the absence of his diary I can still keep up - I was one of several to leave a shout about his premiere. I tried the bear and he certainly wasnt game for a larf. I found JCF's Kimbie tucked away in a corner on GS - he sings it so well. I wish I was a mole in the ground etc. Also The Sea, Somebody's Baby. etc Sandy Denny's version of Milk and Honey is plenty strange - esp the timing - I prefer JCF's. John Martyn's version of Dont Think Twice takes such liberties with the tune. I do like Jackson Browne's These Days - maybe this is an argument against covers. However My Funny Valentine by Nico is surprisingly normal. I linked with my teenage gf on FB. There was a call about a manufacturing project at Oxford and 2 e-ms from Detroit.

Gilbert mailed to say he liked the latest piece - there was a discussion with PW about JCF's manners. I urgently need to learn the file structure of the HP.

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