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2010-12-27 - 10:41 a.m.

Straight into EBTG on Grooveshark - finding their Meet Me In the Morning as the first on the list ,Time After Time plus some more from Acoustic then Tempremental. Some Smiths to follow - of course it s the ten ton truck. Somewhere I remember reading that J Marr did the extra instruments on a guitar simulator. Sandy Shaw on DID. I tried John Martyn on GS. Jonathan mailed from UAE. Arranged to visit Sue on Tuesday. Loaded up Steely Dan into GS. I mailed James about ex SD lead gtr, Skunk Baxter, who has become a missile defence system specialist working for a Congressional Committee.

Dr Z sent round a link to a free PDF of a new book on Realism which he helped edit and wrote an essay for. I read the first essay and sent it on to various friends.

I started today by listening to the GS take on ND. I have no idea if there is a shark in GS doing a similar job to the bear on LFM. Sharks are clever in their own way and quite as omnivorous as bears. Gilbert has hurt his wrist doing decorating which is sad news. There was a discussion with PW about The Way You Do the Things You Do. I had sent him a Youtube link to the Miracles' I Like it like That. I had this tune on tape when I was a teenager but I have never been able to find subsequently until last night. Anyway listening to this take on ND made me go back to a couple of articles I wrote on the Iguana site.

I have been talking to PW about the way some songs evoke the period 1968-72 in a very positive way. I found this true when I went through Songs for a Seagull on GS - it s also true of Shelagh Macdonald. Some of this ND stuff does the same thing. Especially now I have visted the Aix area of Provence. The editor of Pink Moon told me a few months back that Meeting Nick is going to be published in a book. I also played Magic which in the 90s I arranged and recorded for a dance film.

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