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2010-12-28 - 11:01 p.m.

It s so easy just to list all the tunes by an artist on GS and pick your way through. I tried it with ND and John Martyn and then I went onto Jackson Browne - The Pretender, the Opening Farewell., Something Fine esp that instant where D Crosby brings the harmony in on the title phrase. You say Morocco and that makes me smile. Then the David Lindley's fills on These Days. One could say a lot about Nico, Tom Rush and JB's different treatments. I knew an American poetess from NYC and CA who was particularly struck by some of this JB stuff - and she turned up on Linkedin when I looked. Not forgetting the popsong Somebody's Baby and the hit, Take It Easy. I got into a debate about the trinity on Linkedin having read an article about it on Xmas day. I have a compositional idea fermenting away. Suzanne Vega also got the GS treatment.

Today I took 5 trains to Uckfield - some of the landscape was still snow covered and misty. Sue met me at the station. It was a full house with Michael and his gf plus Sue's mum and of course Cliff. It was a long distance drinking day with Buck's Fizz, good red and white wine and a generous brandy. M Naughty turned up and was eventually persuaded to delight us all with a B Evans-like treatment of The Way You Look Tonight. Conversation was robust and wide-ranging. Michael is going to live on West 42nd in NYC - we discussed the Trident replacement. I got a cab back to the station and caught the 7.34pm to Oxted and then a train to London Bridge and another to Charing X. It seems to take about 3 hrs however you make the trip.

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