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2010-12-26 - 4:01 a.m.

I have been listening to the Buzzin Fly stream - I really like Santos' and Woodward's Village Vanguard. Possibly this is deep house? The long brass notes are just great - I wonder if I can rip them? I also listened to TT's version of Sister Winter - written by Sufjan Stevens and mailed the link to Paul W, Dick Jones, Sue and some others


I found his original on Amazon - the clip suggests a very delicate treatment. Pheasant for lunch plus a nice St Emillion.

A little investigation traces Deep House from Chicago House and relates the latter to a time and place rather than a style. Somewhere I have a 3 CD history of CH which starts me off in the right place. Apparently Deep House was quite prominent in the early 90s and is harmonically influenced by jazz.

I looked into my diary archives to find the last Xmas entry - it was four years ago - how time flies. Then the entries peter out in the Spring. I listened to some Radio Constanza and read some of the Dairyland Xmas diaries. There was a message from Detroit.

I got into Grooveshark via Facebook and started by adding 90 Laura Nyro tracks to my library. First - a number of tracks from Angel in the Dark. I went to Up On The Roof from Christmas and the Beads of Sweat - then Buy and Sell. Returning to GS I loaded 200 of Miss Mitchell's tunes - starting with Songs for a Seagull which still sounds miraculous. I thought WS was amazing on Sire of Sorrows. Selections from Court and Spark which I havent heard in a while. In the morning there are lovers on the street they look so high - you brush against a stranger and you both apologise. I'm not sure this album deserves its reputation for being light and poppy.

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