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2010-12-19 - 5:54 p.m.

The snow is just sitting there and various scheduled events are being cancelled – not that I was planning on going to any of them. There has been very little e-traffic except Paul W mailed his seasonal picture.- we also talked a bit about the Sting concert last night on ITV which I thought was surprisingly good. I have added If On A Winter’s Night to my LFM library on the strength of this. I see the Hounds of Winter is on the album. I also looked at Jo Lawry’s I Want to Be Happy and I see that I am already a top LFM listener. I have been pretty slow otherwise today. Nick Parks was on Desert Island Discs. I listened to a programme about young blacks in the UK converting from Christianity to Islam. I listened to Electro and YesNo from yesterday – and decided that the latin piece is definitely not ready.

I sent myself a copy of the chords of Naima from Songtrellis after the bear pulled out an amazing live version. The bear also found Reelin in the Years in the HH Member library and I found this article about the song which I have always liked - it suggests that this is the point at which rock becomes too clever for its own good:


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