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2010-12-18 - 8:22 p.m.

I tried applying the same rules that I used in making the viola trio with the cello part from Sibelius. There was one difference to do with time lengths and beat mapping. The result with the cellos seems to be OK and Gilbert has said we should put it in the green folder. The bad weather means that I can’t get to Brill so that has meant more music-making I watched the last edition of Newsnight for the year – the review had Belle and Sebastien who did remind me of Love – I had never seen a yellow SG before. Earlier I started a piece using the chord progression that has grabbed my attention this week on the guitar – I doubled the guitar part and set one a minor third above the other. Then I constructed a phrase to be played on two synths – the Minimoog and the ARP. I was sad to hear that Captain Beefheart has died. I watched the Gigolos which was very smooth. The car in the film is meant to be like the one in American Gigolo. London looked good.

Today I finished the piece and sent it to Gilbert. The snow arrived en masse. I did a Latin piece with the ARP in the base and 2 Minimoogs providing harmony – there were some organ stabs on the SMS-GS and lots of natural percussion. I’ll wait til tomorrow to see if it can stand as it is. I wrote cards to the children and stomped through the snow to post them picking up some Jamaican beer from the Polish shop

I listened to Nono’s Fragments and Silence which is his only work for SQ – written in 1980 and marking the start of his late period. I heard how Lachenmann followed on from this work. The CD also contains a work for 2 violins from 1986 which takes it s name from a phrase N saw on the wall of a monastery wall – there is no path but we must go on. I must get the Lachenmann SQs to go with this. It made me think of ways of progressing the cello and viola pieces. In fact I immediately started sketching and before long had mailed Gilbert the extension which included some ARP. I skipped Strictly Come Dancing but not Bridget Jones.

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