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2010-12-21 - 10:18 a.m.

It was possibly the last Miranda last night. I hadn’t seen Tom Conti as her father before and I have never seen him in a comic role before – he gets some physical comedy too. Miranda Hart was on the chat show that followed too. I listened right the way through to the Nono CD. Diaryland disappeared yesterday evening but there was an e-m from Detroit. I had sent the Boulez based piece from Serious Music. Apparently there was an eclipse of the moon last night visible from the mid-West. I didn’t bother the bear at all. Interesting to see from AK that the eclipse was here too - also that he is enjoying Electric Eden.

Following Nono I tried a piece for two basses – one from the Minimoog which is monophonic and one from the polyphonic SMS-GS. I used the very high pitches which are like squeaks and the very low notes which are more like noises. I tried to leave lots of space but that is quite difficult – you have to be very confident to do it. Gilbert mailed to say that he liked the space in the piece and I mailed back to say that really I was aiming for more. I then went on to make the piece run the forward track against a backward track – and I added a guitar line. But I didn’t send that to Gilbert – in fact this experiment may have got lost. I feel I could write a lot more two bass music.

I have started today with Joan Osborne – the first track on the album has a good arrangement – I am not sure about Think but that s a big challenge. Axis Bold as Love is good cover though. I listened to the CD twice over.

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