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2010-12-16 - 5:10 p.m.

I woke the bear up just before midday and he seasonably put on Jesus was a Crossmaker and then Fire Sermon fb Tutu live. There have been big technical breakthroughs - Gilbert has got his MIDI gtr pickup to talk to Sibelius. So far I have heard the Sibelius cello and viola patches on lines created in this way – they are both really good – much better than the SMS GS synth. So the available sound palette has expanded a lot this week – with the Minimoog and ARP at my end and all the 128 Sibelius sounds for Gilbert – and we are both driving the synths through MIDI non standard devices. I did a couple of mixes this morning and also sent the piece I did yesterday. I might conclude that the Polish beer was a bad idea except I really like that piece which has emerged. I watched Falling Down last night which is in no way a cheerful movie but it was nice to see Venice Beach. The weather is worse today – more rain than yesterday afternoon.

Dr Z has been busy – he has mailed about a new book from Bruno Latour. I have a couple by BL including his masterpiece about not being modern but of course I don’t know where they are. I still have quite a backlog of e-ms. Bear kept up his good work with Fly – it took me a long time to realise this is a dialogue. I should add that the Blue Skies guitarist emerges as very able from the vid.. North Marine Drive reminds me a bit of Fly. Bear offered Cybertron and then Miss M in Eb minor in Woodstock – introspectively brilliant – also RLJ Last Chance Texaco and Autopsy plus CBR Another Rainy Day plus TT Driving (acoustic) . I got the washing machine to work. A late lunch after which the bear disappeared so I put on EBTG Works 3. eg We Walk the Same Line.. Gilbert mailed to say he liked the switch to flute on VSTI. He also adjusted the viola part on Envelope which I remixed and sent to him. There was a SKOPE Xmas email from Oxford.

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