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2010-12-17 - 3:34 p.m.

The bear seemed to be rather introverted today so I looked out Joan Osborne’s How Sweet It Is – I have only played it once since I bought it. I first spotted JO in Standing In the Shadows of Motown where she sings a few songs with the Funk Bros very well. This is an album of covers too but I am not sure about the rearrangements – not that I have anything against doing new versions in covers. The bear sometims pulls out her doing a live version of a song I first heard on a Prince triple – JO’s version of One of Us was a hit and Prince is doing a cover – I know now I was wrong in thinking he wrote it – it was written by one of the Hooters. However Prince changed a line to make it less abrasive and took a co-writing credit on that basis As a song about incarnation it ought to be played alongside all the Xmas pop songs we hate. JO’s version charted in Nov 1995 including a no 6 position in the UK but I suspect this is not the live version that the bear likes.

Eric Bazilian of the Hooters discussed the song in an interview, saying "I wrote that song one night — the quickest song I ever wrote — to impress a girl. Which worked, because we’re married and have two kids. But we were in the middle of writing Joan’s album, which was a group effort with Rick Chertoff and Joan and Rob and I, and I did a demo of “One of Us,” this wacky little demo which I ended up putting as a hidden track on the CD of my first solo record, and I played [it] for them. And it really hadn’t even occurred to me that it was something that Joan might do, but Rick, in his wisdom, asked Joan if she thought she could sing it. And I think it was better that he asked it that way rather than “Do you want to sing it?” Because the answer to that might not have been yes. But she definitely said she could sing it, and we did a little live demo of a guitar and her singing it. And when I got into my car and popped the cassette in, I started practicing the Grammy speech that I should’ve gotten to give.

NESTA sent a Christmas newsletter – there s a chance to become a trustee. I have made a piece from the viola track which Gilbert wrote in Sibelius for an ambient track called Envelope. I have converted it into a piece for two violas and a cello. We are both surprised at how it turned out. I have sent Gilbert a piece called Mouse to consider.which contrasts the Minimoofg anaolg brass with the same patch in SMS-GS. It has snowed here today. JO does a pretty straight version of Live Together which is one of the best tracks on the album.. It was a hit for Timmy Thomas in 1972 using the stripped down demo version – one of the first RnB hits to use a rhythm machine. She also does a swampy version of the Weight which shows just how brilliant the lyric is. I also played my favourite tracks from SM’s Stargazer – they are just wonderful even though it's the usual suspects – quite close to Songs from a Seagull. Good Times and Odyssey just take my breath away.

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