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2010-12-15 - 9:16 p.m.

I went to the Polish shop today and bought some Polish beer – rather than American or Jamaican beer. I had been out for lunch in a pub in Belgravia with a colleague. I read Dr Z’s book on the tube on the way there and back – I was very impressed with the way he built up his position in successive essays – they are in the order in which they were written. Lunch was fun – mainly gossip. It s the first time I have been out in longer than I can remember. I wore a thicker jumper under my jacket and a long woollen scarf which seemed to do the trick though whether this is sufficient for the climate in Brill I am not so sure. When I got in I started on a piece using an idea that came up on the guitar last night. I used four Minimoogs to flesh out the harmony – as each one is monophonic but they all use different patches. I found I couldn’t used an ARP and three MMs but I have no idea why. Maybe I have done something serious to the ARP but I cant think what it might be. I won’t be able to tell if ithe piece was any good until tomorrow – there are various novel features. I watched the last episode of the detective Frost. I sent Gilbert the long experiment with the envelope facility – he has been mixing videos all day. This morning I listened to the remixes on ebtg.com. There was an e-m from Detroit which I replied to. My lunch companion had also been to Detroit since we last met up – including one of the big lakes that makes up the border between the US and Canada.

Last night I watched Wackness which was good fun. – a coming of age movie about a boy in NYC who has just graduated from high school and falls for the step-daughter of his therapist. They go to Fire Island for then weekend. I looked it up – it s on the Atlantic side of Long Island – not that far from Newhaven. The girl was played by Olivia Thirlby who seems to be well on the way what with this and Juno. Gilbert has sent me an mp3 of a cello line created in Sibelius – it sounds very convincing.

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