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2010-12-08 - 11:03 a.m.

The bear came up with BS’s On The Way Home which is always an uplifting tune. I hadn’t troubled him much as I’d spent time getting on top of the mixing. I also sent Gilbert a long piece which emerged last week. I have been giving Estherro another chance playing her album through a couple of times. Gilbert and I agree that the new piece, Joints, has turned out in a strange manner – rather possessed – initially I was concerned that it might sound like a piece on 10+4. The bear played a movement from a Lachenmann SQ to remind the world what weird is really like – and then some Mandalay which is only slightly weird. An assignment appeared which may disrupt my plans for the week. PJH’s Good Fortune sounded as good as ever – like some modern-day Bonnie and Clyde – followed by Juliette Greco and the Shirelle’s original version of Dedicated to the One I Love leading onto some Muscovite techno. I have reviewed the material that’s waiting in the wings to go to Gilbert. I mailed lots of people with the link to the new album

http://www.last.fm/music/Gilbert%2BIsbin%2B%2526%2BIain% 2BCameron/Ten+from+2010+plus+four

A few acknowledgements but no feedback as yet. The bear started today with Taeko Kunishima followed by Nicola Hitchcock and then On Green Dolphin Street – not the EP version with the KoB band which is hard to get hold of. I remixed Before and mailed it to Gilbert and then put on Aquanote – it’s strange that only have one album and a couple of singles. I did some phone banking – realising just how bad the interest rate is. I commented on Linkedin about the distinction between knowledge and skill and also posed a question about Equity and Excellence. I got sent a contact at Warwick University.

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