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2010-12-09 - 8:39 p.m.

An e-m from Michigan and lots of activity on Linkedin. yesterday Gilbert mailed a link to videos of his performances Thereís one here


Thereís also his Youtube link


He likes the piece from last week which is built around the hi-hat. I mailed out some more invitations to hear 10+4. I also put together a piece around some swampy guitar Ė I had to wait and see if itís finished or whether it needed some refinement. Liz got fired on the Apprentice.

Today I listened to R4 on the subject of Thomas Edison and then the life of Socrates. I woke the bear up and he played a classic piece by MDís 1st great 5tet then Giant Steps. I checked out yesterdayís piece and mailed it to Gilbert. There hasnít been much e-m traffic at all today. The bear wasnít very inspired and so I went back to Aquanote. Dr Z seemed to be stuck in Paris in the snow. But he eventually got back to Cairo via Milan. The BIS Select Committee published a report on LEPs. I played around with a selection of loops but Iím not sure it amounts to much. Cafť Oto mailed their programme. The bear played JM;s The Priest and Alexi Murdochís Breathe fb David Sylvian.. Paul B phoned about him not going to France because of a minor ailment.

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