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2010-12-07 - 1:09 p.m.


Apologies for giving the new album a push – but you know how it is. I am aware that I haven’t had anything new to offer from 2003/4 to this album. There was a period when I went on to abstract videos but they are all lost except for one copy of the poetry-vid version of 10SS – which I don’t have. I wouldn’t say necessarily that the new album is progress and neither is it more of the same. And it s still mostly short pieces. I stopped music making for about three years - from early 2007 to early 2010. I was woken up this year by Hhancock and River which sent me into quartals and octotonics – and latterly I have been listening to MD’s transitional music from freebop to jazzrock – also Detroit electronics and triphop of course. Getting SONY Acid Music Studio was decisive. Previously I was working with Wavelab as a sketching medium. Some kinds of music make you want to try things out. Of course Gilbert has been playing thoughout and has emerged as a lutenist and a composer of lute music.

The automatic washing machine has been set working by the engineer who came at 6.30am. I listened to Travelogue twice over – both discs. I discovered Gilbert had sent me some recordings which Outlook initially placed in the junk mail. Starsplit2 was easy to sort out and we both like it. There are three tracks for the original Starsplit. The first is OK but I had a lot of trouble with the 2nd and 3rd . The original SMS file misbehaved and this has thrown later mixing off the scent. Miranda was darker this week – but still funny. I enjoyed the last episode of the Trip – also Ian Hislop on Do-gooders. I also watched some of the Kings of Leon.

Today I managed to mix all the outstanding recordings from Gilbert and e-m them to him. Mark mailed. I tried to create more disc space – I wonder what I will regret deleting. I listened to all three discs of ETBG Works. Trouble at the mill still.

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