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2010-11-23 - 9:21 a.m.

DJ mailed with sad news of the death of an ex colleague. We had joined the Department in the same year and we exited in the same year as well - she was someone with a great sense of humour. The fumeral is on Friday and I have agreed to have lunch with Sue then but I am wondering about turning up at the wake after lunch. I exchanged some material with DJ about the Big Society and the Regional Growth Fund.. I mailed my old school friend some links about about speculative realism. I fixed up details of lunch with Francis and supper with Rob today I watched the second show in the current series of Miranda which is very easy to like.

I made a piece starting with some sequences from the Minimoog. I found a heavy beat from the SMS disc and put in some organ and bass. The final part was to MIDI some Dhorn - I ended up using an analog brass patch together with vibraphone on the MIDI line. This is the first time I used this technique on SMS although there is a piece on 10 Longer Stories which used this technique – it must have been done on the AWE32 , I sent the piece to Gilbert and he mailed back saying that he wanted to use his new Line6 on it when it arrives.

The bear was up quite early this morning – he pulled MD’s live Time After Time out. I mailed Bette. Dr Z mailed about his forthcoming lectures in LA and in particular where he stands vis a vis Bruno Latour on the reality of such things as unicorns. The bear put on Bartok’s Mikrokosmos no 9 followed by one of the tracks from 10 from 2010 plus 4 – quite a weird one in fact. After that he played some Belgian triphop. There was an odd film last night on C4 about high school kids in which a good girl reforms a tearaway boy but unfortunately dies of cancer.

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