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2010-11-22 - 10:26 a.m.

The BBC2 program on Saturday night about the American Dream was a good watch with lots of hitherto unseen film of American life in the 50s and 60s. Later on there was a film about various couples enjoying the sun on Hampstead Heatth which I had seen before and then Far North which I hadn’t. Far North is the story of two women surviving in the Arctic probably in the USSR. The landscape is amazingly stark and beautiful and the story matches the landscape – very harsh. Bryan Ferry was on the Andrew Marr show ton Sunday morning. Andrew Marr was on again in the evening talking about JFK.

Paul B is back from Spain and is teaching a Spaniard at home this week. I spent time yesterday exploring the Minimoog and have worked out how to use the 16 note sequencer. I seem to have inadvertently deleted 4 of the best FX in SMS – I think it may have happened when I deleted the earlier version of SMS. This is the sort of thing that always happens when one is trying to create space – and I need to create some more. But I have at last found out how to record MIDI from the Dhorn into SMS. As is so often the case with MIDI it is a matter of ticking the right box on some obscure page in the software. It turns out that the system is very sensitive to change in volume – much more so that when recording normal audio from the Dhorn. This is going to take a bit of learning but at least I have cracked the first bit.

Today I tried the new Library Mix facility on LFM. The bear pulled out Sandy Denny’s The Sea which is so compelling it makes you wonder about stumping up £150 for the complete works. Neatly he followed up with Nico’s 60 40 – another brilliant piece esp the verse about the music of the moons. Will there be another time?

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