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2010-11-24 - 10:15 a.m.

The bear pulled out the Unhalfbricking version of Who Knows Where the Time Goes, also the MG-TT version of Aint No Mountain High Enough. I set out at 11.40 am. I met Francis outside the Kazan in Wilton Rd - the restaurant where I went with James and Louise before they went abroad. We spent a couple of hours over lunch. Francis has to write the submission to DFID to scale up the Nigerian peacemaker's programme.

I caught the 38 to Cambridge Circus with the intention of going into that specialist music bookshop in Denmark St - only to discover it isnít there. I retreated to Foyles' enormous philosophy section to find that they had Dr Z's book of essays on Speculative Realism for less than a tenner - I had to get it. Then it was back on the 38 to St George's - the Hawksmoor church where S Plath married E Hughes. I walked past the White Hart - the pub where we played so much bebop 1975-85 and then right to the Royal Opera House and the Youngs' pub on the corner. I was about 20 mins early but Rob was 10 mins early so I had hardly made any impression on Dr Z. As ever in that pub the time flew by and it was soon time to get on the train to Cafť Oto.

It was quite empty to start but gradually filled up. Tomek Choloniewski, the percussionist was extrememly good - he studied at the Krakow Academy but it didnít blunt his ability to play free music. He started playing with Robert Piotrowicz who preceded his piece with a short talk about his commitment to open source software. He played laptop with self written Linux software controlled by a mixer. His stuff was more sound than music to my ears. Mikolaj Palosz played amplified cello - mostly so high that it sounded like a violin. There were tabletop electronics but I cant find the artist's name. The performance didn't finish to way past 11 and I ended up waiting for a bus at Hounslow West around 1 am in the cold.

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