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2010-10-13 - 6:29 p.m.

I finished mixing the last track from the 6 Gilbert sent yesterday I switched the organ to piano, took off the percussion and switched the bass to acoustic. I wondered whether I should be arranging these pieces more thoroughly as I did arguably on 10SS. I took a piece that was half done through to completion and sent it to Gilbert. I also took one of his gtr lines from yesterday, doubled it and added a keyboard part. There was an exchange with PW first thing before he went swimming also with Sue over the bad language editor that operates on m e/ms.

I came across a good article on the Big Society which I mailed round and got one very useful response quite promptly. I also mixed some drones and then found a bit of timenochanges that ended up in the track. Sue also replied at length I sent some links about where her son is working to James it looks very similar to the stuff he does. There s an annoying soreness under my left nipple which I thought might have disappeared by now.

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